Optimize Your Google My Business Listing with these Tools

Google My Business is an effective tool that allows many, many companies to garner views from the vast throngs of online viewers. GMB, however, is only as powerful as you allow it to be. When you invest the time and effort it takes to optimize your GMB profile, you exponentially increase your chances of unleashing the power of GMB at full throttle. Because the devil’s in the details, invest some time and forethought in the creation of your profile and watch your world expand from there. Yes, GMB is powerful, but without your well-crafted input, it remains unplugged.

The Basics

Your GMB profile naturally begins with the contact-information basics, including your address, hours of operation, phone number, and service area. This seems like boring stuff, but without it, you aren’t going to get anywhere. Further, make sure the information you provide remains accurate. If your hours change for any reason whatsoever, keep your profile updated. With the COVID-19 crisis that we’ve been living through, keeping this information up to date regarding edited hours makes a marked difference and demonstrates that you put your customers and prospective customers’ time and interests first.

Tell Me About Yourself

When GMB prompts you to describe your business, take advantage of this golden opportunity to shine. This is a chance to allow potential customers a peek behind the curtain – before they take the plunge – and first impressions, as we know, matter. Simply slapping a few words down about how long you’ve been in business and about the stellar nature of your unique products (blah, blah, blah) doesn’t give the viewing public much to work with that is beyond the expected. Take the time to craft a description that organically reflects your business as an inviting oasis that welcomes potential customers (like the ones reading your description). Carefully consider all of the following recommendations:

  • Adopt a friendly, inviting tone that resonates with readers.

  • Incorporate a voice that authentically reflects your business ethos (whatever that may be).

  • Write your content with care – keeping in mind that you are only allotted 750 precious characters. Words really do matter, and they have a lot to say about your business.

Where’s Your (Social) Proof?

Customer reviews are king. Online searchers have little to go on other than your well-considered offerings and the positive reviews that back up your words. Reviews from satisfied customers provide you with a fast-track to trust-building, and the final product is known as social proof. Cultivate a review-generating strategy that specifically addresses why your customers are so dang happy with your services. Responding to those hard-won reviews demonstrates exactly how invested you are in customer service. Finally, responding thoroughly to negative reviews – and providing reasonable resolutions whenever possible – is critical to quieting any negative press and to championing your corporate integrity.


GMB provides you with the opportunity to post information, and you should take full advantage. These post categories can be used to highlight promotions, but they can also forward purely informational content. Both can be enticing for lookie-loos and for prospective customers, alike, and neither should be overlooked. Again, filling your posts with empty words is not going to further your cause – this is your chance to shine, so polish your posts to perfection. When your posts connect with readers, you take your relationship to the next level and are more likely to send these readers directly to your website, while enhancing the odds that they will also share your links on the socials. When it comes to your online presence, it’s always nice to share.

Questions, Anyone?

Searchers ask questions, and SEO does its best to answer them. As such, Q&As inevitably play a critical role in optimizing your GMB listing. Fortunately, the Q&A component of GMB is not a waiting game. There’s no reason for you to wait for random inquiries that add up to a robust representation of the FAQs you regularly field. You can cut to the chase by asking and answering your own well-chosen and well-written questions. This is another golden opportunity that you’d be foolish to ignore. Prospective customers naturally have questions, and you’re the one with all the answers. Remember, too, that Q&As provide you with the chance to sell your wares by weaving your most amazing selling points into each thoughtful response.

Picture This

Many, many companies on GMB fail to take advantage of the unique photo opportunity provided. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, and its value doesn’t stop there. By incorporating inviting pictures, you create a world that prospective customers can enter. Now’s the time to let your creative juices flow and compile a photo essay that sings. Consumers are often leery of doing business with a company that they can’t even picture in their mind’s eye, but if you keep up your end of the bargain, they won’t have to.

Your Goods and Services

The essence of your company is your goods and services – it’s as simple as that – so don’t neglect these major players on your GMB listing. Highlight whatever it is that makes you uniquely you. While some of the options within these categories are fairly formulaic, you have the opportunity to customize, and you are well-advised to do so.

Proud Veteran Status

Google recently began offering the ability to signal that your business is Veteran-Led. And if your business is, you should be proudly partaking of this opportunity.

Google in Its Infinite Wisdom

GMB will occasionally suggest tweaks for your GMB listing – based on Google magic – and while this is all well and good, ultimately, you should be at the helm. When left to their own devices, Google will sometimes make changes as it sees fit, but when it comes to your business, you know best. Don’t be a passive GMB entity – get out there and dominate your listing.

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