How Often Should I Post on Social Media? #FAQuesday

Posted on: January 19, 2016

When a business begins using social media to connect with customers, one big question is always how often to post content. The short answer? It depends. It depends on who your audience is, for example, or what platform you’ll be using. Although there isn’t a standard formula for a successful social social media strategy, at The Web Guys we can provide some helpful tips and general best practices to nudge you in the right direction.Let’s examine a few of the top social media outlets using data provided by Buffer and SumAll.Facebook Ah, Facebook, the social media giant. Pretty much everyone and their mothers have an account nowadays, so I’m sure we’re all familiar with how it feels to hunt for posts that are relevant or engaging enough for us to enjoy. As a business, you understand the importance of a Facebook page and how much benefit a successful page can bring. Is there a magic number of posts … Continued

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2015 Google News

What 2015 Google Updates Did I Miss? #FAQuesday

Posted on: January 12, 2016

If you hit the snooze button at all last year, you may have missed an alarm for one of the huge updates from Google that hit the digital marketing stratosphere — hard. Businesses that didn’t keep up with crucial 2015 changes felt the pain. But there’s still time to wake up and do something about the latest SEO developments. Grab a cup of coffee and see what you missed and how The Web Guys can get you ready for 2016. Mobilegeddon: Go Mobile or Get Left Behind From asking for driving directions to shopping for shoes, almost anything can be accomplished using a smartphone or tablet. Google took note of the continued growth of mobile searches and made a significant change to its search algorithm. As of April 21, mobile friendliness became a search-ranking factor, ensuring users receive high-quality results when using mobile devices. Don’t worry you haven’t gotten on the mobile trend yet. Our Web design team can revamp your … Continued

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How Do I Verify My Company’s Facebook Page? #FAQuesday

Posted on: January 5, 2016

Last week in this space, The Web Guys explained why authenticating your company’s Facebook page is important. Today, we’ll walk you through the process of getting your page verified so consumers can easily find it on the popular social network.The first step is to access the settings on your business Facebook page.If you are an authorized administrator of the page, you’ll find the verification status near the top of the Settings. Click on the blue “Edit” link and then on “Verify this Page” to get started. Choose Your PathAt this point, you’ll need to determine whether you want Facebook to use the business’ publicly listed phone number or business documents to confirm that your page is the real deal. (Pro tip: If your phone system requires a caller to enter an extension number to reach an employee, opt for the documentation method. Although you can include an extension on Facebook’s verification-request form, we have had mixed success with that option.)If … Continued

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Why Should I Verify My Facebook Page? #FAQuesday

Posted on: December 29, 2015

Facebook is making it easier for consumers to connect with businesses on the social network, rolling out an update this fall that allows companies to verify their official Facebook pages. You’ve likely already seen the blue verification badges on celebrity pages, indicating they belong to the actual star and not a super fan. Now a similar feature is available for many businesses. The Web Guys team has been getting a lot of questions lately about why page verification matters. So today, we’ll explain the three most important reasons every company should verify its Facebook page. 1: Customers will know that your page is authentic. It’s pretty easy to create fake Facebook pages, intentionally or not, so it’s extremely important to verify the page you’ll actually be using. Not only does this let your customers know the page is legitimate, but it also tells Facebook that you are who you say you are. 2: Facebook search results favor verified pages. … Continued

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What Should I Blog About? #FAQuesday

Posted on: December 22, 2015

Blogging is an ideal way to generate consistent, fresh content for your website as well as to establish your company as an industry leader in your field. Before you can be known as the local plumber with the city’s best blog, however, you’ll need to ask yourself, “What should I blog about?”

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Should I Use Email Marketing? #FAQuesday

Posted on: December 15, 2015

Email. Beloved email. When first introduced, email was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Marketers learned very quickly that email marketing was an excellent way to reach consumers. Of course, like all other things that are useful, people began to take advantage of the system. I’m still waiting on my ROI from that $5,000 I sent to a Nigerian prince. Jokes aside, you might be wondering if email is still useful and effective. Isn’t it all just spam that recipients instantly delete? Surprisingly, no. Email is still a wonderful tool for marketers and consumers alike. Here at The Web Guys, we feel that you should certainly be using email marketing. Here are three reasons you should still be executing your email marketing strategy: 1. The World Is Mobile Everyone carries a cell phone nowadays. Google recently announced that over half of its search inquiries come from mobile devices. That’s a hefty number. More and more … Continued

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Why Does My Business Website Need Visuals?

Why Does My Business Website Need Images? #FAQuesday

Posted on: December 1, 2015

Think about the last time you were scrolling through your Twitter feed and found something appealing enough to “like” or re-tweet: Were you drawn by your neighbor’s 140-character description of his new car or the photo of him grinning like a kid from behind the wheel? And that White Castle breakfast casserole you whipped up for the last family gathering — did you find the recipe in a dust-covered cookbook or through a link your friend posted with Facebook pictures of the finished dish? When it comes to cutting through the volumes of information Americans are inundated with every day, The Web Guys understands that few things are as powerful as an attention-grabbing image. Indeed, industry research shows that tweets with images are shared 150 percent more often than those with pure text, and photo-focused posts drive 87 percent of a typical Facebook page’s engagement. The stakes are even higher … Continued

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Seasonal Digital Marketing

Can a Seasonal Business ‘Turn Off’ Digital Marketing? #FAQuesday

Posted on: November 24, 2015

At The Web Guys, we serve many businesses that provide seasonal services: snowmobile rentals, lawn care, watersport rentals, and even construction. These firms tend to bring in the majority of their income during specific times of the year, offsetting the months when they are simply hoping to break even. Over the years, a number of our clients have asked if we can deliver our digital marketing efforts during the months they are “in-season” and pause them during down times, hoping to save money when things are tight. While it might seem like something that can be turned on or off like a light switch, that isn’t the case, and trying to do it can actually negatively affect your online visibility in the long-run. Google Doesn’t Stop When Your Business Slows Down Digital marketing is a year-round activity because although your business may slow down during certain times of the year, Google is constantly working to provide … Continued

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Why Should I Bother Keeping up With Google? #FAQuesday

Posted on: November 17, 2015

You’ve heard from every corner of the Interweb about the importance of following Google’s standards when it comes to publishing content online. But do you know why you should care about the tech giant and its always-evolving search algorithms? At The Web Guys, we believe keeping up with Google’s changes will ensure the best outcome for business owners looking to improve their online presence. Consider the fact that 64 percent of all online searches occur on Google — over 3.5 billion of them each day. When potential customers turn to the Internet with questions about the product or service you offer, will your business be one of the top answers the search engine provides?There’s little doubt that staying on Google’s good side will give you a better chance of getting onto searchers’ radar. That’s why we help clients navigate the changing landscape, keeping them ahead of competitors who don’t bother to figure out the implications of updates like these: … Continued

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Landing Pages | The Web Guys

What is a Landing Page? #FAQuesday

Posted on: November 10, 2015

In the world of digital marketing, there are a lot of terms that can be confusing if you aren’t working with your online presence daily. Landing pages are a frequent topic of discussion because they’re often confused with other pages on a business website. We’re here to give you a clear understanding of what a landing page is — and what it is not. The Purpose Landing pages are designed to get visitors to take a specific action — whether that is submitting contact information, requesting a quote, or making online reservations — that allows the business to capture leads and begin building relationships with potential customers. A well-executed page should accomplish that without sending visitors elsewhere on the site.  To be effective, a landing page should be used as part of marketing efforts that direct potential customers to a specific destination. For example, a pay-per-click campaign allows you to control which page … Continued

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