Blogging is an ideal way to generate consistent, fresh content for your website as well as to establish your company as an industry leader in your field. Before you can be known as the local plumber with the city’s best blog, however, you’ll need to ask yourself, “What should I blog about?”

If you’ve been sitting in front of a blank Word document, don’t fret. The digital marketing experts at The Web Guys have some ideas to help get the ball rolling with your company’s blog.

1. Find Your Voice

What makes you, as a service provider or business owner, stand apart from the competition? Determining your P.O.D., or “Point of Difference,” can help you find a distinctive voice for your blog. Try to strike a balance between an informative and conversational tone, which shows readers that you’re knowledgeable but still approachable for questions and guidance.

2. Know Your Audience

Determining who you’ll be writing for is equally as important as finding your voice. Having an idea of your blog’s audience can help you decide what topics to cover and which services to promote.

Most business-owner bloggers will be writing for current or potential clients. From “How To” guides to “Frequently Asked Questions” posts, there are plenty of ways to inform readers while at the same time letting them know about the services your company provides.

3. Show Off a Bit

Your website’s blog is a great place to brag a little about your employees and their work. Large, impressive projects (like a major remodeling or construction job) as well as intimate, human moments (like charity or community work the company is doing) make great topics. Use your blog as a vehicle to showcase what makes your company a valuable member of the online and local communities.

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