Landing Pages | The Web GuysIn the world of digital marketing, there are a lot of terms that can be confusing if you aren’t working with your online presence daily. Landing pages are a frequent topic of discussion because they’re often confused with other pages on a business website. We’re here to give you a clear understanding of what a landing page is — and what it is not.

The Purpose

Landing pages are designed to get visitors to take a specific action whether that is submitting contact information, requesting a quote, or making online reservations — that allows the business to capture leads and begin building relationships with potential customers. A well-executed page should accomplish that without sending visitors elsewhere on the site. 

To be effective, a landing page should be used as part of marketing efforts that direct potential customers to a specific destination. For example, a pay-per-click campaign allows you to control which page the searcher visits after clicking on your ad. Taking visitors to a well-designed landing page will increase your chances of turning them into customers. Landing pages also work well with email marketing or display ads, providing those who respond with a special offer only available to them.

Creating Quality Landing Pages

  1. Have a form that collects contact information from potential clients so you can nurture leads and communicate with them in the future. This form needs to be the focus of the page, and the only possible action to take from this page.
  2. Remove navigation to other pages on the website. Links will distract the visitor from the primary purpose of the landing page.
  3. Be concise. Instead of filling the page with a large volume of information, focus on providing the most value with fewer words. For example, you could offer visitors a coupon for your services if they fill out the form. Your discount is providing value, and the content of the page only needs to be related to the details of that special.
  4. Create a sense of urgency with your calls to action, encouraging users to fill out your form now.

The Benefits

Landing pages are different from other pages on your website because their sole purpose is to gain potential customers. The rest of your site, on the other hand, is typically created to provide general information about your products and services. So a well-thought-out landing page should give you a much better chance of converting searchers into customers, providing the best return on your investment.

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