You’ve heard from every corner of the Interweb about the importance of following Google’s standards when it comes to publishing content online. But do you know why you should care about the tech giant and its always-evolving search algorithms? At The Web Guys, we believe keeping up with Google’s changes will ensure the best outcome for business owners looking to improve their online presence.

Consider the fact that 64 percent of all online searches occur on Google — over 3.5 billion of them each day. When potential customers turn to the Internet with questions about the product or service you offer, will your business be one of the top answers the search engine provides?

There’s little doubt that staying on Google’s good side will give you a better chance of getting onto searchers’ radar. That’s why we help clients navigate the changing landscape, keeping them ahead of competitors who don’t bother to figure out the implications of updates like these:

1) Secure Server Connections

When it comes to protecting information, Google cares about security, namely the existence of an SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, which creates a secure connection between a website server and a user’s Web browser. In August 2014, Google said websites with an SSL would receive a minor rankings boost, and many industry experts believe it will become a more important factor with time. To determine if your website has an SSL, check the address to see whether it includes an “HTTPS” at the beginning. Learn more about the benefits of an SSL from a previous FAQuesday post.

2) Mobilegeddon

Not only is Google concerned with safety, but it’s also big on user experience. With mobile searches surpassing desktop, the company updated its algorithm so that mobile-friendly Web pages ranked higher on searches made from mobile devices. Dubbed “Mobilegeddon” by industry experts, the change sent a clear message from Google: If your website isn’t configured for a variety of screen sizes, your positioning on search results pages will suffer.

3) Local Pack Shrinkage

One of the most-talked-about updates was Google’s recent local pack shake-up. Local search results used to consist of the top seven business listings in the area, but Google dropped the fourth through seventh positions in favor of a redesigned interface highlighting just the top three results.

4) What Not to Do

In addition to tracking Google changes that could improve website rankings, it’s also important to pay attention to shifts that could hurt results. For example, Google has been tweaking its algorithm since 2012 to address linking schemes once used to manipulate search engine results pages; website managers who disregarded those ongoing updates likely have been feeling the pain. We explored the top five negative ranking factors in a blog post last week.

There’s no denying that Google dominates the Internet ecosystem  or that thriving in the online community today means having more than a passing interest in its ever-changing list of dos and don’ts. But we understand that you have a business to run too. Trust the experts at The Web Guys to help you keep up with Google while you keep up with everything else. Contact us at (317) 805-4933 to get started today.


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