What is Digital Marketing?

The Internet is an ever-evolving behemoth. That’s what we all love about it. Trends, sites, and applications that are popular today might be blasé tomorrow when a new wave of awesome technology takes over.

In this fast-paced digital ecosystem, one idea can literally lead you in a thousand different directions, giving it different meanings and applications depending on who is steering the ship.

That’s what the team at The Web Guys loves about the Internet. Over the last decade, we’ve been able to define (and redefine and redefine again) what digital marketing means to us and to the success of our clients. And not to toot our own horn, but we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

What Does It Take?

For starters, digital marketing isn’t one thing – it is many things. And being successful at it really does take a village. From building an SEO-friendly website to managing your online reputation, proper digital marketing can never stop once it starts – well, as long as you want it to work.

One metaphor we like to use is that digital marketing is kind of like working out. We all begin at different places and with different goals, but we have the same core intent to foster a healthier lifestyle. Results don’t always come quickly and require a lot of work. But it’s the best feeling in the world when you start seeing your efforts pay off.

How Do We Know It Works?

The Web Guys handles the ongoing digital marketing for hundreds of businesses across the country. While no two clients are the same, our core focus on creating a healthy digital ecosystem for each one has given us an incredible success rate over the years.

We’ve developed a tried-and-true system of gaining visibility and growing sales for our clients, and you’ll never find us using gimmicky trends or black-hat efforts to cheat our way to the top.

When picking a digital marketing agency to represent your company and brand online, it’s important to be able to see through all of the sales-y mumbo-jumbo to find the right company and methodology that align with your values and goals. It’s a partnership that takes work on both ends, so it’s imperative that everyone is on the same page from the very beginning.

Come with Us

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing The Web Guys’ take on digital marketing. We’re all about transparency at TWG, so we think it’s important for you to know what we do, how we do it, and why we need your help along the way.

Part 1: Building a Solid Foundation 

Part 2: Joining the Local Search Community

Part 3: Managing Your Company’s Brand Online

Part 4: Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation

Part 5: Keeping Up On SEO (Jan. 7)