Tips for Getting Reviews from The Web Guys

Reviews are good for business. Even an occasional bad review can afford you a better understanding of how a few well-considered tweaks might provide you with a leg up. Writing an online review is so convenient that a good portion of consumers go for the gusto and make it their habit to leave reviews – making the online shopping experience better for everyone. Older consumers, however, have been slower to join the bandwagon. Online reviews help to grow your brand’s online reputation, and encouraging older consumers to give it a go is a worthy goal.

Skip the Fishing

Fishing for reviews is much like fishing for compliments and does not reap the kind of authentic reviews that resonate online. Businesses with the best review chops build review systems that work for them, making reviews organic to the system – rather than specifically asking satisfied customers to write something up for them.

Making Connections

The goal is to connect with your customers and, in so doing, encourage them to share their thoughts in review form. This includes your older customers who may be even more motivated by that personal connection than the younger crowd. Finally, remember that asking for positive reviews outright – or offering any kind of compensation – is against the rules in many of the spaces that reviews call home and isn’t in keeping with the kind of spontaneous reviews that can really help your business. Canned reviews are easy to spot and aren’t going to do your brand any favors.

Come on in, the Water’s Fine

The fact is that older consumers are unique in the sense that they’ve had to adapt to the onslaught of modern technology while the majority of younger consumers were either born to it, grew up with it, or came to it at a fairly early age. In order for your older clientele to embrace technology, they have to make a concerted effort by getting out there and learning something that is very likely quite alien to them. While you can rest assured that your older customers have plenty of solid opinions, sharing them in an online space may be a leap. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help them take it.

Don’t Count Bing Out

When you think about search engines, your mind naturally drifts toward the mighty Google, but you shouldn’t discount Bing, which is Microsoft’s default search engine. While younger Microsoft users tend to customize their computers and tablets, older users are far less likely to do so. Further, while Bing doesn’t see the volume of Google, it can move heftier conversions.

Lend a Hand

Older consumers appreciate clear instructions and are one of the few groups that consistently read and implement the information therein. Providing your online guests with a page that clearly spells out how to write a review may interest older visitors who are far less likely to intuit how it’s done. Shooting your older customer base an email with a link to this instruction page may be all you need to do to get the ball rolling.

You Don’t Need to Be a Car Salesman

If you’ve purchased a car in the last 20 years, you’ve been hit with the following line – in one form or another from a salesman or two – Please take this survey and keep in mind that anything short of perfect amounts to a fail. While this may generate reviews, it’s also heavy-handed, and you’re better than that. All reviews – the good, the bad, and the ugly – are good for business, and if you get the occasional lemon, consider it your opportunity to make the matter right and convert a shopper who is preparing to move on into a long-term customer. The bottom line is that older customers like to be asked nicely, and when they are, you might be surprised how amenable they become to leaving those reviews.

Get Organized

You’re growing a business, which means that you’re busy as heck and don’t have time to email every customer or client who makes a purchase, and this is where getting organized and employing a review-generating automation tool like ReviewIt.Guru can make a big difference.

Don’t Get Bogged Down with Preconceived Notions

Finally, it’s important to remember that, while older customers may share certain characteristics and tendencies – just like other groups of customers do – each of them is as unique as any other customer. In other words, when your review game is tight, you’re more likely to generate reviews across the board, and this includes your older fan base. Consider all the following basics when it comes to increasing the number of reviews you have coming in:

  • Don’t forget to ask for that review nicely
  • Have a solid review process in place that includes an automated put personalized ask
  • Target satisfied customers, such as repeat customers
  • Let your customers know why reviews are so important to your business – without going for the kill, the way a car salesman might
  • Make the review process as simple as you possibly can – no one has the time necessary to wade into complicated maneuverings, and older consumers are far more likely to give up in response
  • Offer a review template that gives reviewers a place to start
  • Respond to your current reviews, and if you get a zinger, make it right or explain why you can’t
  • Be prompt with your review requests and follow up if you don’t hear back – without bombarding your customers

The fact is that older consumers are the most likely to become overwhelmed by a complicated, clunky, or confusing review process, but having a smooth, streamlined system in place suits everyone’s tastes.

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