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In the world of digital marketing, the tools and services you use can make a significant difference in how effective your online efforts are. A prime example is Customer Lobby, which is a third-party review service that helps service-based businesses like yours polish their online reputations while strengthening their search engine visibility – both of which can be exceptionally tricky on your own. Take a peek at what Customer Lobby has to offer and consider how your business can benefit.

Your Customers Are Driven by Reviews

The statistics are in, and they are here to tell you that your potential customers turn to reviews before pulling the trigger on virtually every kind of purchase they make. Consider the following powerful points made by PowerReviews:

  • More than 99.9% of online consumers report reading reviews at least some of the time, which is up from 97% in 2018.
  • Ratings and reviews have evolved into the primary factor when it comes to making purchase decisions, which makes them more important than price, recommendations from friends and family members, and free shipping and other incentives.
  • About 98% of consumers find that reviews are a critical resource when it comes to making decisions about purchases, which is up from 89% in 2018.

Your service-based business relies more heavily on reviews than you probably realize, and if you aren’t maximizing this resource, it’s time to dig deeper.

Customer Lobby

The services Customer Lobby provides make it very easy to solicit reviews through your contacts. There are two ways in which these contacts can interact with Customer Lobby: they can either receive a direct call from Customer Lobby (and you will receive a transcribed review), or they can use a Kiosk function on their mobile devices or computers to connect with Customer Lobby.

Generating Powerful Reviews

Customer Lobby reaches out to satisfied customers in search of positive reviews, and one of the elements that sets their services apart is the fact that each review is indexed by Google. This leads to powerful backlinks that – over time – allow you to accumulate not only valuable reviews but also valuable connections, which serve as trusted references in support of your business’s credibility. In turn, this allows you to continue moving up the ladder toward optimal ranking results.

Maximizing the Benefits

Customer Lobby comes with all the following benefits for your service-related business:

  • It provides you with access to a mobile Kiosk that allows you to capture unlimited reviews on customers’ mobile devices at the time of service.
  • It allows you two credits per month for completed Customer Call Reviews.
  • It affords you unlimited online reviews and the integration of all your reviews into a comprehensive testimonial page.

To make things that much more convenient, Customer Lobby creates an easy-to-use button that lets you solicit useful reviews from online visitors and provides you with a link you can email to as many potential reviewers as you like – expanding your reach considerably. Rounding out their offerings, Customer Lobby adds a link to your Google Local listing, which automatically generates a kickback email for those contacts you submit who have Gmail accounts.

Understanding How It Works

The Customer Lobby Process is streamlined and straightforward.

Identifying Two Satisfied Customers Each Month

At the start of each month, Customer Lobby will shoot you an email asking for the names and contact info of two satisfied customers. They’ll take care of the rest from here and will reach out to the customers you’ve selected in pursuit of advantageous reviews.

Joining the Review Queue

The next step involves Customer Lobby putting your selected customers into the review queue, and within 48 hours of this submission, your customers will receive a personal phone call asking about their experience with your business.

Joining the Customer Review Page

Once the customers’ reviews have been transcribed, they’ll be posted on Customer Lobby’s website and will be used to create a Customer Review page for your site. This gives your online visitors the opportunity to check out some of your best reviews right on your website – without having to dig around online.

The Benefits of Customer Lobby

Customer Lobby is a powerful tool that can help bolster your service-related business in a variety of important ways.

Spreading Your Reviews to Additional Review Sites

Those glowing reviews that your business receives can only benefit you if they’re being read, and Customer Lobby’s syndication engine will automatically send your favorable reviews to a range of powerful review sites – helping you to attract more customers in the process.

Improving Your Search Engine Rank

Each review that you generate through Customer Lobby will, in turn, generate a useful reference or backlink that Google has access to. In the process, Customer Lobby’s solid reputation supports your website’s credibility, which helps to improve your search engine rank. Having a third-party review system in your corner – handling your customer reviews – highlights your business’s integrity, which is good for business.

Improving Your Standing on the Socials

Customer Lobby can also link your account to your social media pages. This means that when a happy customer leaves a review, it will automatically feed into your business’s social media accounts, which fosters a stronger social presence and enhances social activity.

When it comes to online reviews, it pays to pay attention, and Customer Lobby offers focused services that can help you not only generate more favorable reviews but also share them more effectively.

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At The Web Guys, we appreciate exactly how important maintaining current, positive reviews is to your service-related business, and we’ve curated a suite of tools and services that can help, including Customer Lobby’s unique offerings. Now more than ever, potential customers are turning to reviews to make their purchasing decisions, and we’re here to help you tap into this important resource. Learn more about what we can do to help you by reaching out and contacting or calling us at (317) 805-4933 today.