Basic Information

With more than 794 million active users on Facebook, it comes as no surprise that businesses everywhere are utilizing this website. Opening a Facebook fan page can drive traffic to your website, generate additional sales, increase brand recognition and allow you to interact with your customer base.

A business fan page on Facebook should include basic information that a potential customer would be searching for. TheAbout section is the most readable section of your fan page by Google so be sure to focus your efforts on making that section effective and efficient first. Some basic information that should definitely be included on your fan page are:

  • An overview of the company
  • Your website URL and contact information
  • Company logo
  • Business hours

Optimizing Your Fan Page

You should work to increase your number oflikes once your page is created. Promote your Facebook page by adding a Facebook button to your website in order to help others find it. You could also spread the word on Twitter, by sending out an email, contacting your blog subscribers, or by adding the page to your business cards.  Optimizing your Facebook fan page can generate more organic hits to your main website so be sure to place your website URL under the Info section.

Keep Content Fresh

Facebook is meant to be an engaging website. Interacting with your friends can allow you to reach out to not only your current customer base but also a new potential consumer base with your customer’s friends.  Simply creating a fan page but not updating content will not produce any results. An hour or two a week could make a significant difference in your business, so plan on your efforts on Facebook to be an ongoing process. It is important that you respond to comments and interact with your fans as well. Some suggestions for content include:

  • First offer a deal for “liking” your page. This will increase your number of “likes” early on which is crucial to your fan page success.
  • Update your page daily if possible. This content can be your own thoughts, news stories, useful tips, or even resources and links from other sites in your industry.
  • Link to your current blog if you find the content to be appealing and relevant
  • Run contests offering discounts or prizes to get fans to interact with your page and increase your “likes”
  • Post photos of your company regularly. These photos can be of happy customers, “behind the scenes” at you location or just photos you find funny.

The idea is to generate as much traffic to your Facebook fan page as possible. When creating content work hard to be unique and have your company stand out. Utilize your page to increase your customer satisfaction by interacting with your consumer promptly and efficiently. Starbucks Facebook fan page is a great example of active engagement with their fans as well as constant updates to their page. When you’re posting content first ask yourself if the information is beneficial or entertaining to your customers. Keep in mind that the most successful fan pages are active and updated regularly with content.

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