A Navigable Website Redesign

If you’re ready to consider a website redesign, there’s plenty to think about. A redesign signals that big change is afoot, and there is one very good reason for this – it’s time, and The Web Guys can help. You want your website to work for you and to reflect who you are as a business, and if yours isn’t hitting its marks, it is very likely time to dive deep into project redesign. The fact is that those retroactive tweaks we all make can only go so far – and, worse, can leave you with a site that feels like it was hastily thrown together. If you’re looking for anything, you’re looking for a sleek, streamlined design that masterfully reflects the heart of your business, and that performs like a thoroughbred while enticing, enlightening, and educating prospective customers. In the end, these goals all hinge on you having a robust and well-oiled site search in place. Let’s take a closer look.

Look at Me!

The goal of your website redesign is to hit all of the following:

  • Invitingly beautiful design

  • Intuitive navigation

  • Seamless operation

  • Content that connects, including a wide range of landing pages that capture the imagination of local traffic

You’re going for elegant SEO and optimized conversion and retention rates here, and the surest path forward involves focusing considerable attention on that faithful workhorse, your in-site search.

Let Me Take a Closer Look

If your website is everything that it can – and should – be, it’s got a lot to offer. In these offerings, you naturally want to include the finest content you can – content related to every exceptional service and product that you provide. It is, however, completely unreasonable – and misguided – to expect prospective and returning customers to dig around in your treasure trove of content for the information they seek. The calculus of customer service dictates that the more valuable content you offer, the better your website. The problem remains, however, that your content’s sheer volume – regardless of its inherent value – makes finding the particular information sought that much more complicated. Enter the search box, which is your website’s knight in shining armor.

That Search Experience

It’s imperative that your redesign leaves you with a website that’s easily navigable, but being easy to navigate isn’t the same as being able to find what you want when you want it (within a look or two). Online consumers are not only very savvy but are also very leery of websites that complicate the matter at hand – they’ve been burned before and aren’t interested in repeating the experience. The online customer is well-acquainted with websites that are frustratingly obtuse – or clunky – and they tend to avoid them. This fact makes having stellar search-box capabilities paramount and highlights the reason your redesign should devote considerable resources to honing a search box that can.

Survey Says

The top response to any question regarding what online searchers are hunting for on the websites they peruse is a seamless experience that organically produces the results sought. That sounds reasonable, but let’s break it down into the following bite-sized pieces to get a better overall view:

  • Prospective customers are looking for information that they need right now.

  • Prospective customers are hoping to find that information quickly – without having to dig.

  • Prospective customers are going to type whatever it is they are going to type into your search box (in other words, they are going to use their own words) and are counting on satisfactory results.

When your website’s search experience ticks all of these boxes, you’ll be well on your way to mastering your redesign. If, on the other hand, your website keeps visitors on the hunt, they’re likely to leave your site frustrated. And a frustrated visitor probably isn’t going to be in the mood to give things another whirl at a later date.

Your Brand Spanking New Website

Once you’ve unveiled your beautiful new website that succinctly announces the essence of your brand, you’re ready to impress your returning customers and prospective customers alike. By inviting visitors into your elegant online space, you allow them the opportunity to explore what your business has on tap, which includes not only your products and services but also your unique expertise. It’s a lot, but if your site’s navigational flow is tight and plays well with your site search, your careful efforts will have paid off in spades.

New Converts

Obviously, not every reader on your website will be using your search, but those who do are most likely to convert. Diving into your search box signals greater intent, and these users are commerce gold. In fact, those who use site searches are not only widely considered more likely to convert but also tend to place orders with higher purchase values.

The Roadmap Forward

If you’re in the market for a website redesign, you have goals in mind, and said goals are likely to fit into fairly universal categories. You want to offer your customers a visually appealing online space that allows them to control their own search experience. It’s obviously not all about flash, however – you also need to offer up a treasure trove of information that dovetails seamlessly with your overall web design. All of this amounts to a lot of work on your part, but the lynchpin of your efforts has to be your site search. While your site search certainly isn’t glamorous, it is critical to your website redesign and should receive all the careful attention it deserves.

Reinvent Your Site with the Help of Our Digital Marketing Experts

The thought of redesigning your website may strike fear in your heart, but it shouldn’t. Yes, it’s a big task, but when you approach the matter with The Web Guys at your side, you’ll have the necessary resources to make your site everything you’ve envisioned – and more. An important part of this endeavor is your site search, and our digital marketing masterminds are on it. Together, we can make redesign history, so please contact us at 317-805-4933 today!