From top placement changes to new ad formats, Google has announced many updates to AdWords over the past month. We at The Web Guys are here to be the one-stop shop for all that you need to know. Get up to speed by reading the latest updates below:

New Dashboard on the Way

The AdWords dashboard will be getting a hefty makeover in the next 12-18 months. No beta period has been announced yet, but Google is giving fair warning that a more user-friendly experience is in sight. We don’t know much in terms of exactly what will be changing, and Google has only provided one screenshot to tease us with.

New AdWords Dashboard

OEM Automotive Ads

Automotive ads are getting revamped with the newest update from Google. Now when an OEM is buying search ads, they’ll be able to add an image carousel for a more eye-catching ad. These ads will also link searchers to local dealerships. Personally, I have yet to come across any of these ads in the wild, but I’m sure once this is fully rolled out, it’ll be an invaluable feature for car manufacturers to use. I already want to click on that ad!

OEM Automotive AdWords Search Ads
Photo Credit: Search Engine Roundtable

No Sidebar Ads

While this piece of information isn’t super new, it is super important. In February, Google eliminated all ads on the right side of search results. We now see up to four ads at the top of the page and up to three at the bottom. At this point, there haven’t been any major changes in cost-per-click. By having fewer positions available at the top of the page, it made sense to assume that the costs of clicks would skyrocket. However, overall, there has been little to no change in terms of cost.

The ads that were performing well before this update are still performing just as well. If your campaigns were properly set up and optimized from the beginning, then I don’t think this change was anything to fret about. Those with poor quality scores that relied on positions 5-10 are the ones that are likely suffering. While their clicks might have been low before, the number of impressions has likely dropped significantly.

Google Search Results

As Google continues to make updates, we at The Web Guys are here to keep you informed. If you’re interested in outsourcing the management of your AdWords campaigns, contact us today at (317) 805-4933 to get started. We stay up-to-date on everything AdWords so that you don’t have to worry when these changes occur. Your campaigns are safely in the hands of our AdWords experts.