If you had to take a guess at how many Google searches occur each day, what would be your ballpark estimate? 1 million? 3 million?

Customer Google Search

According to Google Search statistics, more than 3.5 billion searches are processed every day. With that staggering number in mind, how does an online marketer know which searches to target to draw potential customers to your website?

At The Web Guys, we have the process down to a science. Here’s a breakdown of how our digital marketing experts shed light on what your customers are searching for, so we can ensure your content gives them what they’re seeking.

Considering the History

The initial stage of developing content for a Web page starts with researching the phrases searchers use to find a specific product or service online. Google Adwords offers a free Keyword Planner that gives historical search data, and it allows users to expand a keyword list by multiplying several keywords together. Phrases are then prioritized, giving us clarity on where to continue our research.

Thinking Like a Customer

Although Google’s Keyword Planner gives us a place to start, we also know that 16 percent to 20 percent of daily queries have never been searched before. So savvy marketers have to consider all of the questions a customer could have, and how they might search for the answer. If your car was starting to malfunction and you turned to Google to find a local auto shop, what would you enter in the search box? Questions like these help our team decide which keywords make sense for your website.

It’s also important to consider searches that are popular in your geographic area. Google’s technology is advanced enough that the search engine predicts what users are looking for before they even finish typing, automatically suggesting common queries in the local area.

Google Search Queries

Next Step: Preparing the Right Content

Now that we’ve gained insight into what customers are searching for, our team crafts useful content that answers potential customers’ problems and guides them through the sales funnel. We make it sound easy, but a comprehensive online marketing strategy includes a range of complicated factors.

To find success online, digital marketing must be an ongoing effort. Let The Web Guys do the heavy lifting. Between keyword searches and keeping up with Google’s evolving standards, we can help manage your business’s online efforts. Find out why we’re the experts in everything Internet-related by calling us at (317) 805-4933 today.