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Time and time again we find ourselves being asked, “Why does my business need to be on Facebook?” It’s quite obvious that Facebook is a social tool for individuals to stay connected, but when businesses were introduced into the mix, some thrived while others fell behind. It’s not easy for all to see the value behind having a company Facebook page, but we believe there are a few misconceptions floating around that need clarification.

Misconception #1: LIKES are leads or even Like ink stamppotential leads.

Very infrequently will a “like” be a lead. It’s confusing, but stay with us here. These individuals that have liked your page are giving you permission to market to them through your Facebook page. This doesn’t mean you will get a sale just because they’ve liked your page. Maybe they aren’t ready to buy, or maybe they just enjoy your social engagement. Either way, LIKES are about building the relationship that can later turn into a business lead.

Misconception #2: Everyone who LIKES my page will see all of my posts.

Facebook has recently made some changes to drive companies to pay to “boost” their posts. All business page posts are no longer shown to all of the people who have liked your page. So in order to be sure that all of your page fans see the post, you will have to pay Facebook. That’s pretty outrageous, right? One free workaround is for you and your employees to share these posts on your personal pages to get as much exposure as possible.

Misconception #3: It is a one-way street.

Your business profile on Facebook is public, and anyone can see it whether they “like” your page or not. While the profile should be used to push valuable information out to potential customers and fans, it has to be equally dedicated to listening to feedback. It’s a two-way street that can really harm your business if you aren’t keeping the lines of communication open with anyone writing to or about your business. Said differently…if you’re not interested in engaging, then don’t be on Facebook.

Misconception #4: If my page doesn’t have many LIKES, it’s a failure.bigstock-Facebook-profiles-52592401

Quality and engagement are the most important factors about the individuals who “like” your page. It’s going to be better to have 100 interactive fans of your page than 1,000 disengaged fans. This is why any gimmicks to “buy” Facebook LIKES are useless. If someone doesn’t willingly choose to “like” your business, they’re probably never going to become a customer anyway. We challenge you to view Facebook as a networking experience more than a sales platform. You wouldn’t walk up to someone at a professional event and open a conversation with, “Will you buy my product?” You’d begin by asking questions, listening to their answers, and providing information or opinions of value to them. Treat Facebook in the same manner, and you’re sure to have a success no matter how many LIKES you have.

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