Leading People to Your Social Media Content

If you’ve been shying away from trotting your business out on social media, you’re not taking adequate advantage of its magical influence, which can be game-changing. Amidst all the social media noise, however, it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. It’s true that social media has a mind of its own, and while cracking the code may seem out of reach, the marketing gurus at The Web Guys have some knowledge to impart, and the message is that good old-fashioned content can set you free.

Holding Your Ground

There’s no denying that social media affords the viewing public with a sea of information – and distractions – and that carving out a presence and holding your ground can be daunting. While visuals entice, only content can deliver, and ensuring that yours reflects your unique offerings in relation to what your target audience is looking for is the name of the game. Knowing that content is king and enticing consumers to yours, however, are two vastly different things, but you are not alone on this journey.

What You’re Up Against

You don’t need to be told that social media is a whole lot, but throwing your hands up in utter frustration isn’t going to help you connect. Simply splashing promotions and updates on your social media accounts is unlikely to gain much traction – you’re going for killer content that is engaging, compelling, and in your unique voice because no one else has your unique voice. Your potential customers are out there, and they’re on social media, which means it’s time to get busy.

A Focus on Context

To bring the people to your content, there’s the matter of context to contend with. Even with the most original and dynamic content on the platform, you’re not going to get the traffic you’re looking for if you can’t get consumers to click, and for that, you need to hit them with some context. Context refers to all the following hooks that can help draw visitors into your content:

  • Formatting
  • Imagery and videos
  • Comprehensive updates

The idea is to sprinkle a trail of breadcrumbs that leads the slew of social media mavens out there to your content.

The Headline and Beyond

While slapping your content’s title into your social media post is certainly the simplest approach, it’s not the most effective. The problem is that even a fabulous title is unlikely to open many doors, but there are steps you can take to jazz things up, including:

  • Consider sharing a quote or a compelling line from the piece in question. By choosing something that hits on a more emotional level, you highlight the fact that the promised content is relatable.
  • A well-placed statistic that speaks to your content’s overall message can also capture attention, and the fact that statistics tend to generate trust doesn’t hurt.
  • Don’t forget to highlight the fact that you’re there in a problem-solving capacity. Your target audience is looking for something, and you’ve got it – problem solved.
  • Giving your readers some takeaways from the content that awaits them is an excellent way to connect. Never underestimate the power of a bullet-pointed list with the social media set.

Your Imagery

The power of photos and videos when it comes to social media cannot be overstated. Too many businesses have come to rely on slapping up photos and calling it a day. While using a visual is almost certainly better than failing to do so, there are better and worse ways to go about it.

An image that captures what it is that makes your business special can prove invaluable. Remember the Got Milk ads? If you’re of a certain age, you almost certainly do – the now-iconic milk mustache is impossible to forget. Some hints for creating iconic imagery of your own include:

  • For more punch, capture those stats and pithy quotes we’ve been talking about in your imagery.
  • Creating GIFs and short videos has never been easier, and they continue to capture the hearts and imagination of the viewing audience. Give services like GIPHY and Gifox a try.
  • Use your voice by posting a short message about what you’ve got in store for readers in terms of content. Adding bells and whistles like hashtags and subtitles helps to seal the deal.
  • Tell the story you want to tell. Regardless of how much top-notch content you have on offer, the right photo can nail the narrative arc and help you connect with your people at a glance.
  • While memes can fall flat and feel tired, using the right meme for you at the right moment can move mountains. The trick is to remain authentic, find your own voice, and go for it – as appropriate.

Keep It Brief

There is a trend toward expanding the advertising space a bit without jamming in more words, and it works. Reading fundamentals when it comes to social media are decidedly different than they are in other arenas, and providing your visitors with a snapshot of vital information in a punchy display strikes the right note. By keeping the purpose of your post clear, you allow the information therein to shine. Some tips to keep in mind include the following:

  • Incorporate emojis that punctuate your point
  • Know the formatting requirements of the platform at hand – avoiding the need for your visitors to click for more information is to your advantage
  • Move your well-considered hashtags to the bottom of your post – where they’re easy to find and won’t dilute the flow of your message

Have Questions? A Digital Marketing Pro’s Got Answers

Even if you’ve got your content on lock, making sure it falls into the right hands – also known as your target audience – can be a challenge. The digital marketing professionals at The Web Guys are here to help you navigate the choppy waters of social media while enticing all those potential customers into exploring your content more thoroughly. Learn all about it by contacting or calling us at (317) 805-4933 today.