Google AI and Digital Marketing with The Web Guys

Google has new artificial intelligence performance enhancers for search ads at the ready. The idea is to improve connectivity between businesses and their most valuable customers, and doing so requires careful monitoring of burgeoning trends in both search marketing and how consumers actually conduct searches. To help facilitate this, Google Ads is tweaking the system with AI in an attempt to generate enhanced creativity and improved ad performance. Getting to know what this could mean for your ad efforts is an excellent idea.

Creating New Assets

One of the shiny new weapons in the Google Ads arsenal is the automatic creation of ad assets via Google’s very own AI. If you know anything about Google, you know that it’s driven to maximize ad potential – often to a dizzying degree. By interweaving AI with its ad power, it intends to deliver the best ads to the right consumers at exactly the right time. It’s a tall order that requires a careful alchemy of relevant assets, including AI.

The Roll Out

Google rolled out AI-driven automatically created ad assets at its Marketing Live event in 2022. And the upshot is that the feature elicits responsive search ads that incorporate the asset combinations that are best suited to the unique context of each – in relation to variables such as the associated landing page.

Additional benefits to the ad update include:

  • Ad Strength will automatically consider both existing ads and created ads when determining ratings.
  • Those assets that are created automatically will incorporate the provided inputs, including keywords, in an effort to customize headlines and elevate their query relevance.
  • Any of the assets created automatically that the advertiser prefers to nix can be removed.

New Goals

Google has also revved up its search campaign with new customer acquisition goals on a global scale. In so doing, it’s opened a pathway for marketers to more easily tap into a flow of new customers by implementing both Smart Bidding and first-party data. By merging refined new customer acquisition goals with bidding strategies – such as maximizing conversion value bid and return on ad spend – marketers just like you can finetune their grasp on who their ideal audience is while building bridges that help connect them.

Google’s new customer acquisition goal includes the following two prongs:

  • Valuing new customers, which prompts higher bids for new customers over existing customers
  • Seeking new customers only, which involves bids only for new customers

Google Faces the Music

According to The New York Times, Google employees were taken aback when the earth-shattering news that Samsung – the South Korean consumer electronics goliath – was toying with the idea of swapping out Microsoft’s Bing for Google as its devices’ default search engine. Wasn’t Bing just an understudy? In reality, Bing had landed squarely in the limelight with its recent addition of cutting-edge AI technology. According to internal messages, the all-powerful Google was panicking in response to the potential threat of losing the $3 billion in annual revenue that its Samsung contract generated.

The Most Serious Threat to Google in 25 Years

Bing and other AI competitors are considered the most serious threat to Google’s search engine hegemony in 25 years, and Google is sprinting toward building an entirely new search engine that’s powered by AI – while also upgrading the search engine we all know and love with AI features.

What’s In It for You

The idea behind these new AI-enhanced features – as discussed above – is offering users, who are also known as your potential customers, a seriously personalized experience that is designed to anticipate their needs. Until very recently, it was very difficult to imagine anything coming between Google’s simple white logo-adorned search page and its user base, but AI appears to be the ticket.

The Advent of ChatGPT

Google has been nervous since an upstart company out of San Francisco that is working with Microsoft unveiled its ChatGPT in November. To say the response was swift and profound is an understatement, and Google’s AI-product task force was launched within two short weeks. Google has always had a fever for modernizing, and its concerted efforts could put AI technology in the hands of people across the globe.

That’s Wild

According to NYT, Google has had a contract with Samsung for the last 12 years running, and it was considered a done deal. And while there is no clear evidence that Bing’s AI efforts were the tipping point for considering Microsoft, Google insiders assume that it was. While the contract in question remains under negotiation, and Samsung very well may stick with Google, the mere thought that the smartphone giant would consider a change was cause for alarm as far as Google is concerned. When select workers were told that Google was on the hunt for volunteers to help pull together a pitch for the Samsung contract, responses like this one were common – Wow, OK, that’s wild.

Winning at All Costs

It’s not like Google hasn’t been deeply invested in AI for years. Consider the following:

  • Google’s DeepMind in London is considered one of the preeminent AI research labs in the world.
  • Google has played a pioneering role with AI projects like self-driving vehicles and the large language models that are instrumental to chatbot development.
  • While Google has adopted large language models to bolster search results, it hadn’t fully adopted AI based on its propensity to generate blatantly incorrect and biased statements.

When it comes to gaining control over the search industry’s next big deal, however, Google is all in. In other words, even business giants like Google have to stay on their toes.

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