Blogging isn’t something that is reserved for only the famous and super elite brands — it’s something that even small businesses should keep up with. But why should blogging be important for a website that’s main goal is to convert users? What if you just cast blogging aside for awhile? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Here are the hard-hitting stats about companies who blog:

  • Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month.
  • Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.
  • Blogs on company sites result in 55% more visitors.

So what happens when a business decides to quit blogging? WordPress developer Robert Ryan took this question to the test by abstaining from publishing new content to his blog for 251 days — and his results were alarming…


Organic Traffic Takes a Huge Nosedive

When Ryan quit blogging, his overall traffic to his site rapidly fell by 32%. But the hugest drop came from organic traffic with a 42% decrease.

Studies show that organic traffic is one of the most effective means to drive visits to a website. So if a business has a huge loss in organic traffic, it’s going to have detrimental effects to the lifeline of the website.

Why does organic traffic suffer when you pull the plug on blogging? Moz puts it best,

“Websites that add new pages at a higher rate may earn a higher freshness score than sites that add content less frequently.” – Moz

When you give Google content to crawl and index with new blog posts, it keeps you on Google’s radar in a positive way and your organic traffic flourishes because of it.


Conversions Slowly Dwindle

The loss of organic traffic walks a fine line between making money and losing money. The drop-off of website visits means that fewer people were viewing pages that mattered the most. Ryan’s contact page views fell by 15%, and as a result, his conversions decreased by 28%

Lead generation dwindles not only because the decrease in traffic, but also the sentiment that blogging offers is lost. The presence of fresh blog posts is an effective way to build credibility among prospective clients. Someone may be in the researching phase of looking for a service and could stumble upon a blog post that establishes your business as a trustworthy provider.

Those Are Terrible Results! What Can I Do to Prevent This?

Fewer website visits and leads sounds pretty terrible, but luckily, we know just the solution for your blogging problems. If you don’t have the time or resources to devote to blogging for your business, we offer invaluable blogging services that deliver fresh, high-quality content to your site. To get started, contact us at (317) 805-4933 to learn what magic we can do for you.