Google AdWords

It used to be enough to rely solely on SEO strategies to keep your phone ringing, but due to some of Google’s latest updates, it’s not your safest option to turn your back on PPC.

What changed?

In February 2016, Google announced that it was killing right sidebar ads, and moving a fourth position to the top of the search results page.

Does this impact me?

This has a huge impact on organic results. While there used to only be three ads at the top of the page, there’s now an additional ad taking up space. Often times, organic results can’t even be seen until you scroll further down the results page. Do you want to rely on results that people have to scroll to find instead of getting a top-of-the-page position that searchers will see first

Google Organic Search Results

What should I do?

If you aren’t currently running ads with AdWords, it’s important that you consider it now. There is valuable real estate on the results page that is being taken up by your competitors while your organic results are getting pushed down the page. Yes – running an AdWords campaign costs money, but it also helps you MAKE money.Measurable AdWords Results

AdWords is measurable and flexible. You’ll be able to see the results you’re getting from the campaign and make changes when necessary to improve your success rate. AdWords results are also much quicker than SEO results. While it can take months to get to page 1 organically, it can take minutes for a quality ad to show at the top of page 1.

Not only is having an active campaign important, you have to make sure it’s managed properly to maintain an average position of 4 or higher so that your ads show at the top of the page. If your ads are lower than position 4, they’ll only show at the bottom of the search results page which isn’t likely to yield impressive results. Hire an AdWords expert to ensure that your account is set up for success.

Online AdvertisingWhile you may have been getting by on organic website traffic alone for years, it’s time to see that Google is changing the game. If you don’t change with it, you’re going to be left in the dust while your competitors that are using AdWords are watching the dollars flow in. The Web Guys can create your campaign and manage it to keep high-quality traffic coming to your website while Google continues to push organic results further down the page. Contact us at (317) 805-4933 to discuss how we can get your ads at the top of search results.