AdWords is like a foreign language to many business owners. Until you take the time to dive in and learn as much as you can about it, it’s overwhelming and difficult to understand. Not only is it a large task to learn about AdWords, it’s always evolving. In order to stay ahead, you have to keep up with all the new updates that Google is making amongst the other struggles you’ll find below.

1. The dashboard is confusing.

The number of tabs are overwhelming when you open an AdWords account. See the screenshot below as an example of the tabs that are likely difficult to understand for a first-time user.

Google AdWords Dashboard

2. You have to know the language.

To even begin to understand the dashboard, you need to know the AdWords lingo. Do you know all about campaigns, ad groups, modified broad-match keywords, and RLSA bid adjustments? It’s confusing!

The more important question is, do you have time to learn the language and then apply everything to create a successful campaign?

3. The settings are very important and hard to find.

Deciding where your ads should show geographically is very important. If you provide local services, your ads shouldn’t be showing across all of the United States or to the whole world. However, if settings aren’t accurately configured from day 1, it’s easy to not even realize that your ads are actually eligible to show across the whole world. What a waste of money that might be! The point is, you have to really understand the important settings and know where to find them in the dashboard.

4. You have to dedicate time to optimizing the account.

Time is very important. With all of the settings, keywords, ads, and more, you have to keep a close eye on your results to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Dedicating time on a weekly basis at a minimum is essential. Imagine if you only checked on your account once a month to find that you’d been wasting money on a useless keyword for an entire month.

This is only the beginning of some of the issues that business owners run into when trying to manage their own AdWords campaigns. You need time and a knowledge base to get started with a campaign, and it’s a lot easier to let an AdWords specialist handle it for you. You can focus on your specialty, and we can focus on ours. The AdWords experts at The Web Guys are ready to help you with your advertising needs! Contact us today at (317) 805-4933 to discuss how AdWords can bring you more business.