Are your PPC dollars not paying out as advertised? Don’t give up on your PPC efforts – it’s a critical component of your overall marketing strategy. Instead, it’s time to get busy with 9 universally beneficial tips that are poised to help you maximize your return on PPC. Instead of blowing through your marketing budget without much to show for it, allow a savvy digital marketing expert to show you the way.

1. Advertise on the Platforms that Are Right for You

While Google Ads is the gold standard and can hook you up with millions of potential customers, it’s not the only game in town. If, for example, you are a small local business that can’t afford to paint on the massive canvas that is Google, your advertising dollars might be better spent on other platforms. Further, even if Google Ads is your advertising destination, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to other sources that may connect you with your niche market (with more bang for the marketing buck in the process).

Choosing the right platforms for you comes down to knowing your audience and having a feel for their social media – and other online – hangouts. A bit of investigation in this arena can prove invaluable. Comparing the ROI for various options can help you hone your strategizing and maximize your budget. The major players include:

  • Google Ads
  • Meta ads (what we used to think of as Facebook in simpler times)
  • Instagram ads
  • Twitter ads
  • TikTok ads
  • Bing ads

Some venues that you may be less familiar with, but that may also help serve your marketing goals, include RevContent, AdRoll, and Yahoo.

2. Keep Social Media in Your PPC Budget

Ads that you purchase through social media platforms can ultimately be more effective than Google Ads. For one, they show up in your feed, which renders those pesky ad blockers less effective. Further, when you purchase ads through social media, you have more flexibility in terms of ad format and type – in addition to your ability to incorporate text, images, and videos. In other words, purchasing social media ads allows your business to really express itself.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Remarket

When you remarket, you get back to people who’ve already shown interest in what you have to offer. When a lookie-loo commits to typing in their digits or email address, it’s a clear sign that they are interested, and you shouldn’t ignore this golden opportunity. They don’t call remarketing efforts your marketing budget’s best friend for nothing, after all.

4. Explore Lookalikes (Do I know you from somewhere?)

The platforms on which you advertise create what are called lookalike audiences – based on your followers, current customers, and visitors to your site overall. This lookalike audience provides you with an invaluable peek into a pool of people who sport similar clicking practices, social media habits, and general interests. Lookalikes are resources that deserve a careful look from you. Different platforms have different suggestions regarding how many current users you need to score useful data that you can turn around and use to enhance your PPC return on investment.

5. Keep Things Friendly

Mobile devices are where it’s at when it comes to internet traffic and online sales. In fact, they are inching toward taking over as the most-used tool for making online purchases, which means your pages need to play nice with mobile devices. Failing to make your pages mobile-friendly can prove especially detrimental to your PPC efforts. Keep the following points in mind:

  • You’re going for swift page-loading speed.
  • You need to keep the relevant landing pages linked to your ads.
  • Your landing pages should be streamlined and exceptionally clear, so your users know exactly what to do (and when to do it)

6. Breathe Life into Your Advertising Budget

Too many PPC campaigns have the wind taken out of their sails by budgets that simply fail to do them justice. Keeping your budget as low as possible is not going to help you maximize your return on that advertising spend. Once you have a good idea about how best to bolster your PPC efforts, you’ll have a better idea about when to bite the bullet and spread a bit more advertising love where it belongs. Keeping your realistic budget is the goal.

7. Keeping Things Real (Click-Worthy)

Online searchers click when they see something that makes them want to click, which means that you need to make your ad copy worthy of that click. If your copy is lackluster or perfunctory, it’s not doing you or your bottom line any favors. That initial click is everything, and you’re going to have to work for it – always give your ad copy your all.

8. Respond in Kind

When your ads are responsive, it offers an organic boost to your PPC. Responsive ads are automated by Google Ads’ considerable machine learning, and as a result, they magically morph into a size, format, and overall appearance that beautifully fits the available ad space in question. Google Ads has got you covered when it comes to responsive ads that fit right in.

9. Keyword Selection Is Key

While fine-tuning your keyword selection can be arduous, it’s well worth the effort. The not-so-secret secret to really revving up your PPC efforts is showing up and putting in the effort, which includes all the following:

  • Doing the research to mine the right keywords for you
  • Refining your keywords as you go
  • Diversifying your efforts and using a variety of available tools to expand and polish your keyword list

Grow Your PPC Share With a Digital Marketing Professional

PPC matters, and keeping your head in the game is key. There’s no such thing as perfecting your PPC swagger and walking away. If you don’t give your PPC the tender, loving care it needs, you’re not going to reap the results you’re looking for. At a loss for where to turn? Look no further than the digital marketing geeks at The Web Guys. We’ve got you covered, so go ahead and contact or call us at (317) 805-4933 today.