Whether or not you’re in love with social media in your personal life, it has become one of the most valuable tools in the arsenal of any modern business. Lively social media channels not only show that your company is keeping up with the times, but also give you an opportunity to broadcast your mission statement in a more intimate, less sales-driven atmosphere.

Below are three compelling reasons you should devote at least a few minutes a day to your company’s social media channels.

1. Stay Ahead of the Conversation

If you’re not leading the conversation about your company online, who is? Without a trusted employee or social media management expert on the job, your company’s reputation could be suffering. From negative Facebook comments to rogue tweets from dissatisfied customers, your company’s inactivity in social media could be deterring would-be clients from signing up for your services.

2. Low Effort, High Impact

In just a few minutes a day (or by calling the trusty digital marketing professionals at TWG), you could be shifting your company’s online presence from non-existent to local favorite. With an ever-evolving landscape of post schedulers, data trackers, and news aggregates, social media managers and savvy business owners have all the tools they need to start taking charge of their online reputation.

3. Show the Human Side of Your Company

Even if you have a social media manager to help schedule posts and keep your pages active, you can’t count on them for everything. The great thing about platforms like Facebook and Google+ is that they allow you to show off the human side of your company. From funny quotes around the office to local fundraisers you’re involved in — or even chance occurrences that happen in the field  there are some aspects of your business that just can’t be “scheduled.”

Pro Tip: Whether or not you plan to vigilantly monitor your company’s social media channels, make sure you know how to publish a post, delete comments, and respond to messages. That way, if the deal of the century or negative comments that could sink your company’s local reputation pop up, you’ll at least be able to respond to or hide the content.

When developing your company’s online presence, smart web design, carefully vetted Adwords campaigns, and thoughtfully crafted SEO strategies are key but don’t forget the social side of digital marketing. Finding topics, optimal posting times, and industry leaders to follow can be overwhelming, but the experts at The Web Guys can help you make sense of it all. If you have questions on how to get started, or are interested in social media management services for your company, contact us today.