It’s 2016. Technology is all about efficiency, speed, and simplicity. Due to these changes in technology, a shift in attention spans is noticeable among web browsers. Everyone wants the right information and they want it now. Search engines recognize this trend. This is part of the reason why a video can do wonders for your website and its rankings. Here at The Web Guys, we firmly believe that adding video to a website is beneficial in more ways than one.

1. Videos Rank Higher in Search Results

If you search for anything these days, most likely some of the top results will be in video format. This is because search engines recognize the power of video, and have been serving them up more and more with positive results. By this concept alone, the chances of your website ranking higher in the search results are inherently better if it contains video.

2. Inbound Links Help Customers Find You

Inbound links are arguably the most important piece of search engine optimization. Inbound links are links found throughout the web that direct people back to your site. Hosting your videos on a site like YouTube creates another way for people to find you.

3. Videos Provide Another Way to Index Your Website

Without getting too technical, search engines use sitemaps to index your webpages and create a virtual layout of your site. This helps search engines in how they rank sites against each other. If you include video in your website, you then have a secondary site map: a video sitemap. This gives you another advantage in that it creates another piece for search engines to index. The more information search engines have about your site, the better your rankings will be.

4. They Create High Engagement

Videos are much more engaging than text on a page. A video holds eyes much longer than static content. In general, people can quickly find the answer they are looking for by watching a short video rather than trying to scan a site for what they need. This means that sites with videos should generate a lower bounce rate and a higher time on the site. These two stats alone are crucial for site performance and lead generation.

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