As one of the most popular social networks, LinkedIn connects professionals who come from all industries — whether it’s an up-and-coming inventor or small business owner.

Serving small business owners with our digital marketing services, The Web Guys can optimize your company’s listing on LinkedIn with pictures, descriptions, and industry categories, and we also encourage you to take advantage of managing your own personal profile.

LinkedIn is more than submitting an online resume. Making these improvements to your profile can provide an opportunity to further market yourself and your business:

1) Profile Picture

Profiles with a generic grey avatar don’t exactly come across as inviting. Find a professional headshot or ask a friend to take a clear photo of you. So what are photos you should steer clear from? Avoid any low-resolution pictures and selfies from a smartphone.

LinkedIn Avatar

2) More Media

Aside from adding a profile picture, you can also add interest to your profile with a background photo (similar to the Facebook cover photo). In addition, LinkedIn offers users the option to post interesting graphics, such as videos, pdfs, and presentations.

LinkedIn Background Image

3) Self-Summary

Now that you’ve shown the world who you are with a stellar headshot, it’s time to elaborate about yourself. When creating a summary, discuss why you started your business and what it means to you. The rule of thumb with the self-summary is to keep it short and engaging.

LinkedIn Summary

4) Connections

After you’ve taken the steps to optimize your profile, invite people to connect with you on LinkedIn. Simply export your contacts from your e-mail accounts, or grow a new following by searching for other industry leaders.

5) Recommendations & Endorsements

A way to become a community leader with other business owners is by utilizing the interactive features of LinkedIn. People who’ve worked with you can endorse your skills or give a testimonial of your work ethic. Sharing the love on their profile doesn’t hurt either.

6) Network Updates

Once you have a beefed-up profile, you can continue to provide useful, professional content by submitting a status update. Noteworthy career milestones or blog posts are a good way to add fresh content.

Leveraging your personal LinkedIn profile is just one way you can improve your company’s online presence. Contact The Web Guys at (317) 805-4933 to keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing.