With nearly a billion active users every month, the opportunity for companies to reach a larger audience with Facebook can be huge — and even small, local businesses should be trying to capitalize on this wide market.

From social media posts to local awareness ads, The Web Guys can manage your business on Facebook for success. Businesses have countless opportunities to reach a target audience, but what about the customers themselves who need to contact the business directly? Here’s why Facebook Messenger is an important tool for communication between customers and businesses. But first…

What is Facebook Messenger?
The Messenger platform includes a thread of the most recent private messages between Facebook users while also storing their entire chat history. Messenger was originally for personal messages and group chats, but in 2015, Facebook brought businesses onto Messenger in order to enhance how people and businesses communicate. Through Messenger, businesses can do the following:
    Answer questions privately
    Send order confirmations and shipping updates
    Provide real-time customer support
    Address customer complaints

Facebook Messenger