Seasonal Digital Marketing

Can a Seasonal Business ‘Turn Off’ Digital Marketing? #FAQuesday

Posted on: November 24, 2015

At The Web Guys, we serve many businesses that provide seasonal services: snowmobile rentals, lawn care, watersport rentals, and even construction. These firms tend to bring in the majority of their income during specific times of the year, offsetting the months when they are simply hoping to break even. Over the years, a number of our clients have asked if we can deliver our digital marketing efforts during the months they are “in-season” and pause them during down times, hoping to save money when things are tight. While it might seem like something that can be turned on or off like a light switch, that isn’t the case, and trying to do it can actually negatively affect your online visibility in the long-run. Google Doesn’t Stop When Your Business Slows Down Digital marketing is a year-round activity because although your business may slow down during certain times of the year, Google is constantly working to provide … Continued

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Negative Ranking Factors

Finding the Positive in Negative Ranking Factors

Posted on: November 12, 2015

When working to improve a website’s ranking on Google, we are often quick to assess what more successful competitors are doing (and for good reason). It can also be helpful to review factors that are keeping lower-ranked websites off the first page of the search engine results pages, and make sure to avoid them ourselves. In August, Moz released results of its 2015 Ranking Factors Survey, a biennial assessment of the current and future state of Google’s search algorithm by the best and brightest minds in the SEO and search marketing space. The report covers a broad spectrum of ranking factors — including the negatives. That’s what I want to explore today. Negative Ranking Factors The report mentions 17 negative ranking factors and rates each on a scale from 1 (no direct impact) to 10 (strong impact). Today we are going to look at the top five. 1. Total number … Continued

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Should my website have an SSL?

Should My Website Have an SSL? #FAQuesday

Posted on: October 13, 2015

Great question. Let’s begin with the definition of an SSL. It’s an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. At the most basic level, an SSL creates a secure connection between an Internet user’s Web browser and the server where the website is hosted. The simplest way to determine if a website has an SSL is by looking for HTTPS at the beginning of the website address. HTTP by itself is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Add the S, and you have Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Before we get too technical, let’s flip back to the main point here – just look for the HTTPS or the lock icon in your browser. See what Google has to say on the subject. What Are Some Benefits of an SSL? Information Security – Having a secure connection between Internet users and your website means that information sent between the two (names, phone numbers, credit … Continued

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Will Google’s Local Pack Changes Affect My Business? #FAQuesday

Posted on: October 6, 2015

That tremor felt throughout the SEO world in early August may not have been as earth-shaking as Google’s spring Mobilegeddon update, but the latest change in local search results still set the industry abuzz. The Google “local pack” that used to show the top seven results was downsized to display only three, even when the search is conducted on a desktop computer. In addition to showing fewer business listings, the new local pack — dubbed a “snack pack” by some observers — was also redesigned to resemble the mobile interface, which makes sense considering that mobile search surpassed desktop earlier this year. So what does that mean for companies in the fourth through seventh positions that dropped out of the featured box? Don’t panic yet.  What Will Happen to My Ranking? Although it may seem like a lost opportunity, Google assures us that the top three local-pack positions already were getting the vast majority of clicks from users, … Continued

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Should My Business Subscribe to Customer Lobby?

Posted on: September 24, 2015

As consumers are becoming more comfortable using the Internet to research businesses, customer reviews play an increasingly vital role in marketing. According to a 2014 survey, about 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews in their purchasing decisions, and the number is still growing. If you think that customer reviews don’t impact business, you might want to think again.

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How to Add Your Website to Google Search Console

Posted on: September 17, 2015

In case you’re not familiar, Google Search Console is a free service that assists in monitoring and maintaining a website’s presence in Google’s search results. Formerly known as Webmaster Tools, its name changed to Search Console back in May, and if you’re anything like me you are still getting used to it. Why Use Google Search Console? Before adding your website to Search Console, it’s important to know a few basic reasons why most digital marketing agencies use the tool and why you should too. Ensure Google can easily access the content on your website. Submit new content to be crawled. See which search queries caused your website to appear in the search results. See what sites are linking to your website. Identify crawl errors to be fixed. Click here to see more reasons and other information about Search Console. Now let’s get started. Step 1: Verification Log into your Google account. … Continued

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Should I Buy More Domain Names and Forward Them to My Website? #FAQuesday

Posted on: August 11, 2015

One of the questions we periodically hear from clients goes something like this – “If they’re available, should I buy more domain names that include keywords people might use when searching for the services my business provides?” Let me first explain the question better with an example … Company Name: Distant Landscaping Company, LLC Location: Distant, PA Website: This company provides landscaping services in Distant, PA, and wants to be found in the SERPs for searches like “landscapers in distant pa.” The question is whether they should purchase exact-match domain names (EMDs) like the following and forward them to their website.,,, etc. The short answer is no. Purchasing a domain name that doesn’t have and hasn’t had an actual website associated with it, and then forwarding it to your website will not benefit your website in the SERPs. You will simply incur the expense of domain … Continued

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What’s Your Best Content Marketing Strategy?

Posted on: March 20, 2014

In the ever-changing world that is search engine marketing, you can probably find dozens and dozens of articles every day about the multiple different views and methods to getting any number of results for your website. Considering there is a new way to improve your online presence seemingly every day, what is your best bet for getting your message out there? How do you convince people to choose you over the millions of other sources out there? Your content marketing strategy can define whether your site is taking steps in the right direction, but should you strive to develop more and more content, or focus on the overall quality of your creations? There is No One Way In reality, the answer to that question in reality is a combination of both. If you are able to develop a lot of high-quality content on your site, the people will come in … Continued

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Managing Your Complete Internet Presence

Posted on: January 14, 2014

Having a website used to be enough. But the rise of social media platforms and multiple online review websites has redefined what it means to have an Internet presence. Today’s consumers are online more than ever before, and their purchasing habits — even for major purchases like travel and lodging — have adjusted accordingly. From desktop computers and laptops to mobile devices and tablets, the traditional buying cycle has been replaced with customers expecting to engage directly with brands and businesses in a multitude of places — places they choose. “It’s about being available wherever your customers are,” said Roger Laurendeau, CEO of The Web Guys, a web design and Internet marketing agency in Carmel, Ind. “Sure you have a website, but you may just have missed out on acquiring a customer because they found a negative review on a Yelp listing you didn’t know you had, or because they … Continued

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Indiana Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight: The Web Guys

Posted on: October 15, 2013

The Web Guys is a locally operated digital media agency in Carmel. It serves various small and medium sized companies throughout Indiana and the entire United States. In business for nearly a decade, The Web Guys’ primary focus is helping businesses by managing their entire Internet presence (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Social Media, Reviews, etc.) for them so they can focus on their core business. Overseeing one’s Internet presence can be a confusing and daunting task for a business “going it alone.” Pick a trusted partner like The Web Guys and succeed online. We offer a wide variety of digital media marketing services including website design, search engine marketing & optimization, reputation management, email marketing, social media management and mobile. We keep up with new trends on the ever changing Google, Yahoo!, and Bing landscapes, and with new media outlets and Internet launches that are relevant for our clients. Just having a … Continued

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