Why Do I Need to Keep Updating My Site?

Why Do I Need to Keep Updating My Website? #FAQuesday

Posted on: September 15, 2015

Anyone who has been through a business website launch knows it can feel like pulling off a minor miracle. Even with experts like The Web Guys handling the programming, content creation, and design, it takes a village — and months of hard work — to build a site that attracts visitors and turns them into customers. So it’s understandable that many companies aren’t eager to start making changes after crossing the finish line. But as we tell our clients, that natural inclination to take it easy could be a big mistake when it comes to search engine optimization.That’s because industry giant Google’s search algorithms tend to reward sites that have fresh, high-quality content, ranking them higher in search results. Ironically, it’s not a recent development; freshness has been a ranking factor since 2007, when Google began using its “Query Deserves Freshness” model to boost new content tied to “hot” topics. … Continued

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Why Do Websites Need So Much Content? #FAQuesday

Posted on: July 28, 2015

Our clients run small businesses — car rental agencies, landscaping companies, maid services, you name it. Most of them are happy to hand The Web Guys the keys to their digital marketing machines and let us do the driving. We’re the experts, after all. But many still have questions about the process, and the most common one I hear as chief word nerd is related to those pesky things you’re reading right now. Q: Why Does My Website Need So Many Words? A: The simple answer is that words are the best way to tell the story of your business, products, and services — and to demonstrate the often subtle distinctions between you and your competitors. Sure, it’s great to have photos of the new travel trailers in your RV fleet, but will they make the phone ring as frequently as the list of camping must-haves included with every rental? … Continued

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