Google Scam CallsYou probably get an overwhelming amount of telemarketing calls on a daily basis, but hearing the name “Google” may have you hesitating to hang up so quickly. You think, “Oh, is this really Google? Maybe I need to hear this out.”

We’re here to tell you to hang up the phone. FAST.

To put it simply, unrequested calls from Google do not exist. It does not place robocalls and does not cold call businesses. That said, there are a few reasons a Google representative might actually be calling.

Reasons Google Might Call

  • You have an active AdWords account.
  • You are verifying a Google My Business listing.
  • Google thinks your address is invalid. If this is the case, the representative should never ask for personal information.

Google Scams

There are many types of Google scams occurring because Google is a powerhouse that everyone knows about and trusts. The scammers try to get your attention and draw you in by mentioning Google, typically making a false claim about your Google+ listing. Do not be alarmed or panicked by what this “representative” might be telling you.

The Web Guys Partnership

We’re here to be your partner in online marketing efforts, and we regularly monitor the status of your Google+ listing. We will always let you know if we are doing work on your listing that may prompt a call from a Google representative. However, if you have any concerns about your listing or would like to discuss a new service that has your interest, please contact the Client Success Team at The Web Guys at (317) 805-4933.