We could use some great referrals, and we are willing to pay you for them! In an effort to find new customers to serve, we want to remind you about our Customer Reward Program! We repost every few months as a friendly reminder as well.

customer rewards program

Most business people know other business people. That is a well-known fact. Plumbers know electricians, car rental guys know car sales guys, etc. We want to pay our customers who are willing to give us a warm introduction to other business people and business owners they know who might need our services. We hope the excellent service we have provided you will make it easy for you to trust that we will serve anyone you introduce to us in the same fashion.

customer rewards program

  • A $250 Check for every lead you refer that turns into a customer for The Web Guys!
  • We are looking for qualified leads. To us, this means that you have spoken with your referral about our excellent services, and they have said that they would be interested in receiving a call from us.
  • If a lead you provide to us turns into a sale (meaning we have received their initial setup payment), you will receive a $250 check in the mail!

There is NO LIMIT to the Number of $250 Rewards You Are Eligible to Receive!

If you have any questions about our customer reward program or are ready to offer referrals, please email Chad Frazell at Sales@The-Web-Guys.com or call (317) 805-4933.

We appreciate your business and look forward to the opportunity to reward you for your loyalty.