The Pokémon Go phenomena has picked up steam quickly and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, as rumored deals with major players like McDonald’s continue to generate buzz. So, could embracing the game and its players at your storefront be advantageous? And how exactly can Pokémon Go benefit your business? Unlike Magikarp’s Splash, it could be super effective! Let’s take a look…

The Trend is Real

In the short time since Pokémon Go‘s unveiling, it has already become the most popular game in history. It’s even surpassed Google Maps as the most popular app on Android. Just hours after its arrival in the Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play, active users on Pokémon Go had even surpassed the popular dating site Tinder. When a game about catching monsters outweighs the popularity of a dating app – the excitement is seemingly more than a passing fancy.

Ride the Wave

Using GPS, the game centers around players using their smart phone as a device to catch Pokémon, which are little animal-like monsters). Some savvy small business owners have already started capitalizing on this highly popular app, and there are already a couple ways you can do so too.


Within the game, users are encouraged to visit “PokéStops.” These are often iconic landmarks and local business scattered throughout any given area. Whether or not your company or any nearby attractions are already PokéStops is a “luck-of-the-draw” situation (for now). A simple way to attract customers to your storefront business (i.e. coffee shops, restaurants, retailers, etc.) would be to offer a small 10-20% discount to people out on the hunt for more Pokémon. If users spot a Pokémon friendly establishment, they’re more likely to stop in for refreshments or extra gear before returning to their search.


The object of the game is for users to catch Pokémon – if you already have Pokémon at your location, the customers will come to you. It’s a classic “If You Build it, They Will Come” situation. As long as your business location is a PokéStop or you have one nearby, “lures” can be used to attract Pokémon to your location. You can purchase a Lure for $.99 by using the game’s in-app store.

Paid Sponsorships (Eventually)

While users can already make in-app purchases, Pokémon Go has found alternate methods for generating revenue: paid sponsorship. Company’s may soon be able to strike deals with Pokémon Go parent company Niantic, allowing them to make exclusive offers for players who frequent their business. There are several opportunities for monetization with such a popular, groundbreaking app – and that could make Pokémon Go another valuable tool in your digital marketing arsenal.

Embrace the Fun, Receive Real Benefits

While the Pokémon Go frenzy is bound to slow at some point (as do most trends), it’s current popularity represents a groundbreaking moment at the intersection of smart phone applications and local commerce. By welcoming Pokémon Go and its users with open arms, you’re not only allowing for more sales opportunities (which is obviously a highly desired result), but your also showing that your company is open to incorporating your services with what your local customers are currently engaging with using their free time and attention.

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