As you’ve probably noticed, public relations and advertising are important parts of running your business since these efforts help bring in more customers, who in turn help your business grow and succeed. If you’ve been trying to increase your PR presence, but you think you’ve exhausted all the possible outlets, think again.

One way to up your PR presence on the web is to write a press release for your business. According to Wikipedia, “A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.”

Now, you might be thinking that you can’t write press releases because your business doesn’t do anything that is really “newsworthy,” but this isn’t true. If your company has recently started offering a new product or service, won a local award, or set up a new partnership with another business, then these are all great ideas that you can and should share in a press release.

Why are press releases important?

The goal of writing a press release is that different online news sources will pick up your press release and use it to create their own news stories. Every time your press release is picked up, your business gets more and more publicity, and publicity from reputable news sources, at that.

On the Internet, you’ll find a variety of press release distribution services. If you submit your press release to one of the most respected national distribution channels, they’ll send your news for you to a large pool of diverse recipients, consisting of:

  • major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! News, and Bing;
  • over 30,000 journalists, including both traditional and online news sources; and
  • over 250,000 news subscribers.

With this level of distribution, your press release will be picked up by search engines, news outlets, online bloggers, and even social media networks on local, regional, and national levels.

How exactly will writing a press release increase your web presence?

In a sense, a press release is just another public relations tactic that will increase your web presence in a variety of ways. Many of the advantages to writing a press release apply to search engine marketing.

The most important way that press releases help with your search engine marketing is that they create many new back links to your website. When a news site picks up your press release, the news story will contain a link back to your website.

Not only will these back links create more traffic to your website, they’ll also improve your website’s reputation. The more your company appears in a positive light on the Internet in places other than your website, the better the brand awareness is for your company.

Search engines, and real people, will see the great news about your business all over the web and will trust your website and company more. And when search engines find your website trustworthy, they’ll move your website up closer to the top of the search, creating more exposure for your entire business.

Who would’ve thought that one simple press release had the potential to do all that. Is it time for you to include press releases in the public relations and web marketing plan for your business?

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