Blog Image: Ethical Link-Building Strategies for 2020

If you run a business in today’s market, you’re naturally looking to acquire links. Google has spoken, and they’ve made it quite clear that when it comes to SEO, content, and the acquisition of links is the name of the game. Just to make things more challenging, however, Google has also implemented strict rules and requirements related to this pursuit. There are positive steps you can take that will help you enhance your online presence ethically. Part of growing your online business is keeping up with the internet’s rapid-fire evolution, and a digital marketing specialist can help you strategize your way to optimal performance.

Provide Journalists with Your Own Brand of Valuable Information

Content that is journalistic – or informative – in nature is a great way to generate ethical backlinks. Journalistic information can amount to a quote that resonates or to use information that you provide in exchange for mention of your company name, brand, and website. Figuring out how to maneuver this quid pro quo can seem daunting, but it needn’t be. The best way to produce stellar content is by enriching it with a variety of opinions and various sources. This ups reader experience and bolsters the content’s inherent value. In other words, finding your way into this valuable content is a great way to increase your acquisition of authentic, ethical links. The big question is how do you go about getting into said content. This involves getting noticed by content managers without bombarding them with spammy come-ons.

The fact is that there are online tools that can help you with this. One popular source is called HARO – Help a Reporter Out, which is used by tens of thousands of journalists for news outlets large and small.

Here’s how it works: writers post their subjects and the kinds of information they seek while providers like you respond with pertinent submissions via email. To sweeten the deal, the publications involved include many prominent sources, such as The New York Times, Reuters, Time, and many more.

To fine-tune your brand-goal efforts, you can focus your free HARO account on those opportunities that are a good fit for you. It’s not difficult to imagine exactly how valuable such exposure can be.

Reclaim Links

Reclaiming links is all about brand mentions. This means that if an online source writes about or mentions your products or services (even if they don’t link), it’s a great opportunity for you to swoop in and make the magic happen. This can include:

  • Thanking the source for mentioning your business

  • Fostering a relationship with the source (who has already taken notice of what you have on offer)

  • Requesting that the source include a link to one of your relevant targeted pages

Link reclamation is actually easier than you may think. Online services like Ahrefs help you locate mentions in online content – in which you control the parameters – including minimum domain ratings. The idea is obviously to procure meaningful placement, and once you’ve identified some highlights, it’s time to reach out.

The most critical component of reclaiming links is optimizing your link choices. Instead of sending everything directly to your homepage, drill down a bit deeper and find a gem that works in that space. If you don’t have the perfect landing spot, consider creating a tailormade option. The additional effort can be richly rewarding, and since your goal is to stay current, updating your content is always a good idea.

Build Connections by Guest Posting

While it’s been said that guest posting isn’t the path forward when it comes to link building, this doesn’t pertain to the most current methods of guest posting. There was a time when companies would spin old content with link stuffing as a cheap, quick means of elevating domain scores. There was nothing to gain, however, for potential consumers, and this quick fix ultimately proved futile.

Bylined guest-content that is useful and informative, on the other hand, is another thing altogether. Google has made it clear – and it stands to reason – that content is king. It is no longer enough to simply spread your name around – you need to have something to say, and this is obviously a step in the right direction.

Providing bylined content isn’t simply about getting your name out there, however, even though that is likely to generate some clicks on your byline link and some referral traffic. Beyond sharing your knowledge online, the point of guest posting is deepening your connection with your online contact. When you cultivate valuable connections with online sources, you increase the likelihood that you will garner future guest positions and increase your link building in the process. Make the most of this opportunity to build your brand and bolster online attention by providing compelling content that includes insightful tips, quotes, stats, and useful self-referential links. Dump the lower-end sites that don’t provide potential consumers with quality content, and concentrate on creating the kind of content that gets noticed as you continue to build solid online connections that increase your ability to generate meaningful links.

Change Is a Given

When it comes to the internet, change is a given, and link building is no exception. The novelty has worn off, and splashing your name around whenever possible is no longer the endgame. This evolution of online marketing requires more careful attention on your part, but it is far more likely to provide you with substantive returns. Quality content with meaningful links is a great way to attract consumers who mean business.

Questions about Link Building? Our Digital Marketing Experts Have Answers

The old, sloppy methods of generating links no longer apply. While there are some tricks on the books, Google doesn’t take kindly to them, and they aren’t likely to help in the long run. Instead, there are ethical mechanisms in place that not only improve your online standings but also help generate revenue. At The Web Guys, we pride ourselves on our ability to help clients like you power up their link-building game. To learn more, contact us online or give us a call at 317-805-4933 today.