The Web Guys have teamed up with Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County to help deliver food as well as compassion to those in need in our community. Thanks to this new partnership, members of our team spend a few hours every month driving door-to-door handing out nutritious meals to some of Hamilton County’s most vulnerable residents.

According to the official website, Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County, “…provides nutritious meals delivered to elderly, disabled and homebound residents either on a short-term or a long-term basis.” Those receiving assistance include people recovering from a hospital stay, injury, or disabling illnesses. The service is available to anyone who is “…physically or mentally unable to prepare a meal for themselves regardless of age or income.”

I took a few minutes to chat with some of the participants from our team to find out why they decided to participate and what benefits or insights they’ve encountered along the way. Their enthusiasm for the organization is clear from their responses.

Why did you sign up to help out with Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County?

Andrea (Senior Editor, Resident Wordsmith): “I volunteered because I want to help make a difference in my community. Although Hamilton County is largely seen as prosperous and its residents wealthy, I know there are still some serious challenges. Helping to ensure that our homebound seniors get proper nutrition is a step toward addressing them.”

Scott (Web Designer, Digital Marketing Guru): “I was excited to start delivering for Meals on Wheels because of the sheer volume and impact of their work and, of course, because of their constant need.”

Kylee (Client Success Advisor, AdWords Wizard): “Everyone is so ‘busy,’ so it’s nice to be able to give back and volunteer my time during the work day to people who are really counting on you. It’s a great organization and you get to see the direct impact that you’re making to someone local.”

Elizabeth (Client Success Advisor, Digital Marketing Guru): “To become more involved with our local community.”

What do you get out of delivering meals to those in need?

Scott: “I really had no expectations going into volunteering for Meals on Wheels. Delivering meals provides a direct and immediate impact on individuals who need these services. We’ve already created so many great relationships with the recipients, and it is amazing to see their faces light up when they answer their doors. Sure, they are excited about the great food, but for most, we’re the only people they see on a given day. I would do it every single day if I had the opportunity.”

Kylee: “Seeing the people that are so excited to get their food and interact with you is very rewarding. We may be the only faces that some of them get to see all day, so it’s really special to know that you’re making someone’s day better.”

Elizabeth: “Establishing a connection with people who may not have the resources or health to get out of their home – they really benefit from our interaction.”

If you could pass on any advice to new volunteers, what would it be?

Scott: “Get ready to make an immediate impact.”

Kylee: “Be personable and know that it’s OK to stop and talk for a few. While you can’t stay to visit with people on your route for an hour, spending 10 minutes chatting with those who want to talk is a great thing. You can learn so much!”

If you or your company would like to get involved with Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County, you can contact the organization at (317) 776-7159.

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