Custom Website Design

We’ve all seen TV commercials and received emails from companies (that will remain nameless) selling DIY website solutions that seem simple and too good to be true. If you’re ready to try something better and partner with professionals to design your new website, reach out to The Web Guys by calling (317) 805-4933. Our team provides solutions for nearly any budget, and has the combined skillset to take your company’s online presence from planning through launch, and upward.


Our Process

Website Design Strategy

Discovery & Strategy

Each web design project begins with gathering information about the client and business. This includes information as elementary as confirming correct phone numbers, company name format, addresses, etc., and discussions about marketing goals, service priorities, and messaging. We’ll walk through the following topics and more.

  • Company location & contact info
  • Company history
  • Existing taglines, slogans, etc.
  • Mission, vision, goals
  • Target customers
  • Services and priorities
  • Keyword research
  • Previous marketing services
  • Website design preferences

Successful Website Design

Websites Designed to Succeed

If you build it, they will come. Well, sometimes. At The Web Guys, we have a successful track record of structuring and building websites with the intent of increasing both visits and conversions. Our websites are constructed with the user in mind and architected so that search engines can consume and index the most important information about the company. This includes the following and more.

  • Proper page URL structures
  • Professionally written & optimized content
  • Optimized images
  • Responsive design for mobile & tablet
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Custom functionalities and solutions

Detailed Website Design

Detail-Oriented Web Designers

Our team focuses on more than just the big picture. We pay attention to the small but ever-important details like spelling, grammar, and how a company is depicted by colors and images. Each website we build goes through an intensive internal process for quality assurance. While beauty and preferences are in the eye of the beholder, our goal is to find and correct any objective issues prior to clients reviewing their new website.

That said, we expect and greatly value client feedback. It helps our team continue its journey learning, improving, and providing an even better product moving forward. We listen to client feedback, make appropriate adjustments, and move forward together toward launching the new website.

Launch a New Website

Launching Your New Website

Time to celebrate! Once our client gives final approval of their new website, we schedule the launch. Since launching a website is a foreign concept to some, our team helps with as many aspects as necessary in order to make the process stress-free.

Next, we schedule a meeting with our digital strategy team. This is where we tie up any loose ends from the web design project, discuss next steps for monthly services, and introduce clients to our digital strategists that will serve them moving forward. Ongoing digital marketing services may include any or all of the following.

If you’re ready to talk about designing or redesigning a website with The Web Guys, contact us today by calling (317) 805-4933. We provide website design options and digital marketing services for nearly any budget.

*Parts of the website design process noted above can vary based on the products and services purchased by clients of The Web Guys.