Anyone who has been through a business website launch knows it can feel like pulling off a minor miracle. Even with experts like The Web Guys handling the programming, content creation, and design, it takes a village — and months of hard work — to build a site that attracts visitors and turns them into customers. So it’s understandable that many companies aren’t eager to start making changes after crossing the finish line. But as we tell our clients, that natural inclination to take it easy could be a big mistake when it comes to search engine optimization.Content Updates

That’s because industry giant Google’s search algorithms tend to reward sites that have fresh, high-quality content, ranking them higher in search results. Ironically, it’s not a recent development; freshness has been a ranking factor since 2007, when Google began using its “Query Deserves Freshness” model to boost new content tied to “hot” topics. The tech firm has since acknowledged that timeliness is one of about two dozen “search projects” it continues to fine-tune in order to deliver the best responses to searchers’ queries.

Quality is the primary objective, though, so we don’t recommend adding or updating Web content unless it is well thought out and useful to readers. And perhaps it goes without saying, but excellent content should also support the site’s overall focus. A blog post about the start of the 2015 NFL season may be particularly timely right now, but does it make sense if your business rents jet skis to tourists in Hawaii? Probably not.

Appropriate online updates also send a signal to Google and other search engines that your website is being actively managed and as a result is more likely to be current — and relevant. Web surfers may not always notice when something new is added, but it’s hard to miss stale information. A home page headline welcoming “new hires” who started three years ago doesn’t exactly give prospective clients confidence that you’re on top of your game, after all.

It is important to be as strategic about your website updates as you were about developing the site to begin with, which we know can be especially challenging for small-business owners who already have their hands full. We’re here to help. For assistance with everything from Web design to digital marketing, contact The Web Guys at (317) 805-4933 today. We sweat the details so you don’t have to.