As consumers are becoming more comfortable using the Internet to research businesses, customer reviews play an increasingly vital role in marketing. According to a 2014 survey, about 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews in their purchasing decisions, and the number is still growing. If you think that customer reviews don’t impact business, you might want to think again. This staggering stat clearly highlights the need for local businesses to attract more reviews and actively manage their online reputations. Rather than leave reviews to chance, The Web Guys recommends that our clients subscribe to an industry-leading review platform such as Customer Lobby.

Reliability in Reviews

Reliability was found to be the most important “reputation trait” that consumers look for in online reviews – more so than expertise, professionalism, good value, accreditations, friendliness, courtesy, or localness. A third-party review system like Customer Lobby establishes that trust because reviews cannot be altered by the business, and customers are required to confirm their identity to avoid fraudulent or fake reviews.

Making Soliciting Feedback Easier than Ever

Customer Lobby’s review process is a user-friendly, effective way to get online reviews of your business. While Google reviews are a great idea in theory, recent updates have made the process more difficult for your customers, since each reviewer is now required to have a Gmail account as well as a Google+ account.

With Customer Lobby, you can take the burden off your customers by simply submitting their contact information to be added to your call queue. A representative will then reach out to conduct a brief phone interview about their recent experience with your company, synthesizing the information into a written review posted to your Customer Lobby reviews page.

Increasing Site Visibility & Taking More First Page Real Estate


The Customer Lobby service is not only easy, but also incredibly beneficial to your overall online marketing efforts. Unlike other review sites like Yelp or CitySearch, each individual Customer Lobby review is viewed by Google as a powerful and trusted backlink or “reference” to your website. These references are taken into account when ranking your site on the search engines.

The more powerful “references” you have linking from other trusted sites to your website, the more credible your business appears, thus moving you higher in the search engine rankings. In addition to higher rankings for your website, your Customer Lobby review page itself can rank for many competitive phrases, and in some cases your review profile may outrank your competitors’ websites!

Leveraging Customer Lobby Reviews for Your Business

Reputation management is something that cannot be ignored by startups or huge enterprises. Here are just some of the ways reviews can be used to your advantage:

  • Create Brand Awareness – Attract new customers by being found more often in more places online. Customer Lobby’s syndication engine automatically expands your reach by sending your reviews or your reviewers to other review sites. The more people who talk about your business, the wider the audience that will become aware of your business or products.
  • Improve Reputation – Consumers discuss their experiences using your services or products online. By hand-selecting which of your customers to add to your review call queue, you can proactively build and improve upon your reputation.
  • Build Relationships – A powerful connection is formed when a brand is able to interact with its consumers. Embracing your client’s feedback is an effective way to drive engagement and build relationships. These reviews provide you with an opportunity to establish a good relationship with those customers who are more outspoken with their opinions about your business.
  • Provide Motivation – Reviews, both positive and negative, can create motivation within your business. Positive reviews boost confidence and assure you that you are on the right track. Negative reviews, while more difficult to accept, also can motivate a team to provide better service in the future.
  • Humanize Your Brand – Create a long-lasting business-consumer relationship and humanize your company by interacting and engaging with your customers. Build a strong foundation of trust and loyalty by replying to feedback as a person, rather than as the brand.
  • Open Doors for Improvement – When you encounter negative feedback, learn to listen closely to the message behind every opinion. Open the door to criticism. If taken constructively, these reviews can be seen as opportunities improve and stand out from your competitors.
  • Build Trust – If you are faced with negative opinions about your business, shutting them out will not build trust with consumers. Instead, it will likely drive them away. Instead of ignoring them, connect with your customers, address their issues, and improve your service. With this strategy, you build trust and loyalty by sending a message to consumers that you’re not turning a blind eye to their experience with your company.

The Web Guys – Your Trusted Customer Lobby Reseller

flat_seo-42-512Given consumer search behavior and changes being incorporated by search engines, subscribing to Customer Lobby is a no-brainer. The Web Guys is so passionate about the effect Customer Lobby can have on businesses that we are subscriber as well as a reseller of the service. As a reseller, we’re able to offer you a discounted rate and provide hands-off management of your profile. You just send us customer contacts and focus on running your business, and we’ll alert you as the positive reviews come rolling in! Just check out our reviews page or Customer Lobby profile to see for yourself! 


Don’t miss your chance to utilize this excellent service and benefit from all of the opportunities these reviews can deliver to your business. If you are interested in or have further questions about Customer Lobby, please contact us today at (317) 805-4933. We look forward to hearing from you!